About Arnhem aan Zee

Arnhem aan Zee is an extensive non-profit network providing platforms for art, 2d, 3d and fashion design, architecture, music, photography, cinematography, dance, vj, dj, cartooning, literature and performing arts. Arnhem aan Zee links artists, designers and performers, and it provides crucial information on the places they act.

Arnhem is a typical example of a place where artists and creative entrepreneurs boost the cultural climate and the local economy. The extent and the depth of the artistic and cultural network Arnhem aan Zee (www.arnhemaanzee.nl) demonstrates this.

It all starts with the broad artistic, cultural and academic infrastructure. This attracts talent from all over the world. And it generates talent and innovative capacity. Many have benefited from the unique training in Arnhem. Famous fashion designers, architects, performing artists and creative entrepreneurs, they all flew out to Paris, New York, Milan, Buffalo or Tokyo…  Or they still work here and they contribute to the creative and innovative climate that many applaud.
Arnhem hosts world-famous festivals such as the Sonsbeek art festival, State of the Image, the Fashion Biennale, Living Statues. Arnhem also is the home of the Museum of Modern Art and the Kröller Müller Museum.

Hundreds of creative entrepreneurs and companies work in Arnhem and its surroundings, in former factories, monasteries, banks, barracks, offices, and in shared commercial premises. These are the seedbeds for the creative and artistic economy. World-class initiatives flow from their desks and workshop floors: groundbreaking fashion from ArtEZ and the Arnhem fashion designers, architecture and urban development… just to name a few.

Arnhem is a magnet and a breeding ground for talent and creative activity. There are lively interactions between the continual flow of new ideas and creative business initiatives. Established companies have intensive collaborations with creative entrepreneurs and institutions. They enrich one another with knowledge, artistic research, experimentation and innovation.

To sum it all up in one easy-to-handle formula: creative entrepreneurs make it happen. Culture and art create a vital and dynamic creative economy in Arnhem and its surroundings. And they will do so in the future, provided that governmental bodies, cultural and artistic institutions and creative entrepreneurs keep on joining forces.